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Boy Next Door accidentally discovers Ancient Chinese Herb in the mountains of Northern Thailand


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I was sick and tired… of feeling sick and tired.

Seven years ago, I was at my wit’s end. I care about my body and what I put into it. Too many health issues (headaches, joint problems, lower back issues, skin conditions, nutritional imbalances…) have made me realize one thing:

  1. I want to put the very best into my body.
  2. I want to give myself natural, holistic health.

One thing I don’t want is chemicals and toxins.

So for me, seeing the words “organic” on a box of tea wasn’t enough: I wanted to know that what I was getting was actually grown without pesticides. Grown sustainably. And with all the love and care I always pictured in my head when I thought “organic.”

Here’s what changed my life.

I was traveling in Northern Thailand. I was enjoying the warm climate, jungle everywhere, and laid-back atmosphere. Life was good.

Or was it?

I was in an exotic land, but all of my problems still came with me. Sure, the scenery had changed, but the same old me was there. Put in a nutshell: I had trouble slowing down and enjoying what was all around me.

I felt as if my head were in a cloud, and things were just that little bit off.

I knew I needed to do something, but I didn’t know what. So I signed up with a buddy of mine, Josh Silverman, for a 3-day wilderness trek deep into the mountains of northern Thailand.

Our guide picked us up in a 4x4, drove us up winding roads and washed out trails to a practically invisible trailhead, and we started our trek.

What can I say? We did get away from it all. We saw stunning vistas overlooking misty mountains. We heard jungle sounds and saw creepy crawly insects that would be at home in a sci-fi-fi movie. And each night we stayed in a different hill tribe village.

On the third day, we crested a hill and I saw what looked like steppes, rows of something green growing on the side of the hill.

Our guide translated for us. He said this village grew an herb known as “jiaogulan.”

(I would find out later that this herb, originally from China, had been brought overland years ago by traders. When the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand experienced the powerful health effects, they started growing it and sharing it with other local tribes.)

When we put down our backpacks and sat down with the local villages, we were served hot jiaogulan tea.

Almost instantly, when I drank some, I felt the pressure relieved in my head. And over the course of the following days and weeks, I felt a deep and growing sense of well-being. I felt more energy, more concentration, and started sleeping better at night. My joints feel better, and my lower back pain is gone.

I decided that sharing this unique and staggering discovery with the world was so important that I started working with the local tribe to help them sell and market their product. We also worked to modernize their production facilities and create state of the art packaging to ensure that this “elixir” of youth reaches customers with maximum freshness and potency.

An Ancient Herb Reveals Natural Youth

So what is all the fuss about? Why has jiaogulan been known for thousands of years as a potent herbal remedy for conditions ranging from heart disease to weight loss?

The answer, according to research conducted by Swedish researchers, is that the powerful adaptogens found in jiaogulan serve to regulate a range of of hormonal functions in your body, helping you to manage stress and giving overall health benefits. At the same time, they help to alleviate fatigue, giving a caffeine free energy boost.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought. I read the research, and I experienced the effects myself. But it was only after sharing the herb and getting reports from dozens of satisfied customers that I began to believe that something truly remarkable was going on.


What our hundreds of satisfied customers say:


“… And I was just about ready to give up the search. After trying all the so-called “organic” teas you can imagine —and worrying about additives— I finally found this site with the real deal…”

Dean I. Hartman, Creston, IA

“…So I am a skeptic about health benefits. What can I say? I was pleasantly surprised after drinking this herbal remedy for several months… My blood pressure is down and I have been waking up feeling more refreshed than I have in years.”

Inez D. Alvarado, Richmond, IN

“You know that bitter taste you get with some herbs? You won’t find it here. The semi-sweet flavor and nuances of come through with a clean, clear taste.”

Leroy J. Christman, Balko, OK

“I never know how people just order stuff on the internet. I was skeptical, but after emailing with Paul several times, it felt good to deal with a real human. Thanks again!”

Jessica Bachmeier, Villingen, Germany

“… It really annoys me waiting for packages to arrive. In the past, I’ve waited for weeks for orders I’ve made online. But this time, my order arrived in just 3 days. Wow!”

Majorie M. Kimmel, Norcross, GA

“In the past, I always drank tea from teabags. I didn’t really know how to brew tea in a pot. But with the simple video you sent me, I had everything ready in minutes.”

Lilian Heyes, Woolpunda, Australia

“Up front, it looked like a lot to spend on an herbal supplement. Over a hundred dollars for a kilogram? But now I’ve been enjoying a pot of jiaogulan every day for months, and I still have plenty left. This is truly astonishing value for money, compared to what you get in a box of teabags.”

Malcolm A. Chitwood, Jacksonville, NC


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